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3DE's multifaceted approach to learning uses case methodology to integrate real-world connectivity into the standard high school experience. This universally practical approach to learning is the anchor for interdisciplinary pedagogy, relevant connectivity, and authentic project-based application delivered in every 3DE school.  The result is a high school experience that reflects the dynamic pace of activity and interconnectedness of life beyond the classroom walls.

3DE dedicated teachers set high expectations and foster a strong sense of community among their students. Year over year, the curriculum layers in defined competencies to continually build students' skills and mindset as they advance from facilitated learning to self-directed. By the end of their four-year high school career, students graduate with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to thrive in post-secondary and beyond.A person pointing at something

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Learning where rigor meets the real world:

  • Students participate in an authentic project-based application integrated across all core classes.

  • Students consistently engage with a variety of industries, professionals, and careers.

  • Students develop valuable competencies to navigate a high-growth career.

  • Students identify career interests that fit their aptitude, interests, and aspirations.

  • Students gather information and support to navigate the post-secondary admissions and financial aid process.

  • Students gain exclusive access to 3DE-designated scholarships.

Mission Statement 

The mission of the 3DE Riverdale Magnet Program is to teach a firm grounding of entrepreneurship with an emphasis on innovation and invention. It is one of the best ways we prepare our business students for the 21st-century workforce, creating ambiguity. Riverdale’s 3DE Business Magnet program promotes innovation and entrepreneurship by “engaging learners where disciplines converge” through project-based learning, science fairs, entrepreneurship fairs, design challenges, and technology club competitions that require students to identify and solve problems using knowledge from across disciplines. Students will become culturally agile, critical thinkers and ask the right questions in various settings.   A person in a dress jumping in the air

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3DE Business Magnet aims to provide an educational experience by increasing students' pathway completion, earning seals, and passing industry assessments. 

Students can expect to experience:A person standing in front of a microphone

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  • All students will complete 3 Business Pathways 

  • All students will complete Senior Capstone Experience (Internship, Consultancy/Work-Based Learning). 

  • Advanced courses of study (AP and dual enrollment) are offered in each study area for students desiring post-secondary advanced degrees). 


3DE at Riverdale High School Faculty & Staff

3DE Leadership Team
A person smiling at the camera

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Stefanie Banes, Ed. D

Instructional Literacy Coach, 3DE

A person sitting in a chair

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Dominique Woodard, Ed. S

3DE Director, School Leadership

9th Grade Teacher Team

 A person wearing glasses and a red shirt

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Devuan Lightner

9th Teacher, CTAE

A person wearing glasses smiling

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Alfred Tucker

9th Teacher, World History 

A person with a bun in her hair

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Whitley Howard

9th Teacher, Algebra Concepts & Connections 

A person smiling at the camera

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Myeisha Durant

9th Teacher, Environmental Science 


Tanya Watson, Ed. D

9th Teacher, English-Language Art 


Student Journey

3DE students engage in a 4-year high school journey designed to support students in developing real world, employable skills through the laddering of the 3DE core competencies. 3DE offers a multifaceted approach to teaching and learning using case methodology design to integrate real-world connectivity into the standard high school. Each year the curriculum layers competencies to build student skills and mindsets to be self-directed. The re-engineering of high school through 3DE’s model provides students a high school experience that relates the interconnectedness of the real world and the classroom. 

A diagram of a pyramid

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3DE CORE COMPETENCIESA purple arrow in a circle

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 Sets priorities and executes with integrity and initiative in order to achieve their maximum productivity. Individuals are inquisitive and resourceful; with a confident understanding of the roles they play and their responsibilities for successfully meeting their goals.

A purple line drawing of a light bulb inside a box

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Creativity & Innovation

Recognizes opportunities to make progress and challenges or disrupts assumptions via original ideas and approaches. Individuals are constantly looking to improve and to advance the status quo. They are comfortable taking calculated risks.


Engaging CommunicationA purple outline of speech bubbles

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Effectively transfers thoughts and information through appropriate channels to influence progress towards a desired outcome. Individuals are capable of articulating a position through knowledge, diversity of experiences, confidence, and compassion.


Cultural Agility

Assess situations and environmental norms to identify opportunities and threats and determine savvy strategies to address conditions. Individuals intentionally read context clues and identify stakeholder perspectives to swiftly develop or adapt techniques that foster positive relationships and drive optimal  performance.

A purple hexagon with arrows and symbols

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      A purple hexagon with people in it

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Effective Collaboration

Promotes and generates cooperation to achieve collective input and output from a diversity of entities. Individuals are accustomed to seeking and unifying a range of perspectives and creating open and productive environments to energize positive action.

A purple hexagon with a head and hexagons

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Critical & Analytical Thinking

Uses logic, research, data and intuition to break down complex problems and determine feasible strategies. Individuals do not approach situations at face value, but instead observe, reflect and evaluate to draw pragmatic conclusions.

For more information, visit:  

A logo with a black background

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161 Roberts Drive

Riverdale, GA 30274

Phone 770-473-2905

Fax 770-473-2913

To get involved, fill out this form to provide some contact information. 

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